About the Climbing Courtesan

Hello Friend!

Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Brooklyn Jones. I am the ultimate courtesan companion with a little bit of a twist. I could extol my physical features; however, seduction begins in the mind. My art is not based in being a seductress, but in being a sensual, passionate, intriguing young woman who will leave you feeling fulfilled.  


I am a young woman who thinks that life should be a mixture of fire, soul, and insatiable passion. We all have something special and unique that makes us who we are. I would love to learn what makes you, you. Life is too beautiful and too precious to spend it not enjoying the person that you are with, so for a little bit of time, let me be your escape. Let’s explore our mutual passions and lock out the rest of the world. You should be forewarned; once with me is not enough, I`m the sweetest addiction you will ever have. 


I am very well educated; I have interests in so many different topics. Another pursuit of mine is constantly learning. I enjoy history, philosophy, reading, debating, and life in general. My favorite quote of all time is “The unexamined life is not worth living”. Once you stop learning, you regress; that is such a tragedy. I am well versed in many topics and I can have conversations covering a vast array of subjects including, but not limited to: philosophy, economics, finance, music, politics, physics, mathematics, medicine, art, history, the out doors, and many others!


I`m a quite the sensual wild cat behind closed doors, but I will always be the perfect lady on your arm. Dressed up or casual, I can pull off any look. I`m told my smile is quite lovely; which is good, because I can`t stop smiling! I also enjoy laughing, anytime you need a terrible joke, I am your girl! Formal Events, dates, dancing, climbing, hiking, or backpacking, I am the perfect companion. I am the girl next door.  


I am a pleasure seeker and would greatly enjoy exploring mutual passions. I love lingerie and dressing up; I am also kink friendly so if you have some secret desires or fetishes please send me an email to let me know. I will do my best to fulfill your fantasies and desires. Behind closed doors, we all become artists; let’s explore that together. There’s beauty in everything and everyone. Let’s make our own masterpiece. I am bisexual and I adore women too, singles or couples!

My favorite things in life are classical music (Brahms: specifically Symphony No. 1), hiking, jogging, backpacking, climbing, horses, and dogs. There is something so surreal about going into the wild for a week, a month, or a few months. I cannot get enough of the outdoors. In fact, without it, I would probably die. I have a love affair with the mountains; they hold my heart in the most exquisite way.


I am a very happy go lucky person who enjoys taking care of herself through diet and exercise. I am genuine in all that I am and all that I do. I do not drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, or eat refined sugar. I have two degrees and am still pursuing school at this time. I love climbing (seriously, I’ll climb anything) and have recently become entranced with mountaineering. 


I am well reviewed so please feel free to ask for my links!

Who cares how we met? Let`s just meet!
I do hope we can connect! 



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